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Caribou Lou Recipe


Caribou Lou

Caribou Lou Ingredients
1 fifth 1 fifth Bacardi 151
1 fifth 1 fifth Malibu Rum
1 can 1 can Pineapple Jucie

Caribou Lou Recipe Instructions
  Pour all the 151, Malibu and Pineapple juice. in to a container. Mix well. Serve into desireed amount

Caribou Lou Recipe submitted by: snowmanusda16 
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Drink Review for Caribou Lou

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  A delicious drink when properly mixed., Oct 13, 2009
Reviewer: Magusuri

Caribou Lou is a drink 'coined' by the underground rap artist 'Tech N9ne'. Though the terms in the song are vague about exact measurements, (i.e. "A cup" of Malibu Rum; Does he mean 1 measured cup, or does he mean find a cup and fill it? Also the entire recipe is based off a an unknown jug, which could literally be any size), the most widely accepted mix I've found through scouring the internet is:

1.5 parts 151 Rum
1.0 parts Malibu Rum
5.0 parts Pinapple Juice

The heavy lean toward the juice means that when mixed according to this recipe, the drink becomes a sneak attack drink, wherein you drink a large amount, not tasting the alcohol, only to be bludgeoned with the effects of the 151 a short time later.

It's considered common to serve this beverage in a highball glass, with one or two cubes of ice, as the Malibu has undue consequences if it is consumed at room temperature.

I originally partook of this delightful beverage at a party a close friend was throwing, and I enjoyed it so much, I often have it at any parties I choose to organize. It tends to go well with other flavor-filled foods, though salty tends to do better than sweet when choosing a food to go with your drink. I enjoy a good Steak with some Lou to drink from time to time, with possibly a potato or some other similarly starchy side to keep from issues the next morning.

One of the most common reasons this drink has seen so many parties is the fact that it's sparing on the alcohol, prefering to dilute potent elixirs with more palatable tastes. This means that your guests will be more likely to be satisfied in the long run because there is more liquor to go around, and because they tend to fill up on the drink more quickly because of the high juice content.

If you haven't tried it, I recommend you do, as it is one of those rare drink combos that you must actually taste to enjoy. ;)


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Comments (1)


Post Posted: Sep 6, 2009 7:27 pm

actually, its half a bottle of 151, a cup of malibu rum and then you fill the rest of the jug up with pineapple juice. listen to the song. by Tech Nine. he invented the drink, after all.
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