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Pucker-Up! Recipe



Pucker-Up! Ingredients
shot 1 oz Sour Apple Pucker
12 oz 6-8 oz 7up Upside Down Carbonated Soda

Pucker-Up! Recipe Instructions
  I used a 16 oz. party cup and since the usual soft drinks are 12 oz., half the amount of the soft drink would be perfect...depending on taste, of course. Don't try with Mountain Dew. I, myself, have not. As many of you out there are aware of the caffine level in a Mt. Dew... the highest in the world! 7up Upside Down is about half the amount of caffine of the Mt. Dew--maybe 3/4 worth of caffine of the Mt. Dew in 7Up Upside Down. Who knows ;) This is 7Up's answer(7Up Upside Down) to the Mt. Dew. Half a cup of ice (small cubes), pour 1 shot (1oz.) of Sour Apple Pucker and about 6 or 8 oz of 7Up Upside Down soft drink together. Like a flowing waterfall, this mixes the concoction or you could just use a stirrer. If you want added effect, perch a lemon, lime, or orange peel to the glass with an umbrella. You could substitute the above with a maraschino cherry. I just drank it without any decorations. Refrigerate the leftover contents or give it to your friend. I consider this a very mellow and smooth drink. I wanted the word "green" or an animal or insect that was the color of green. But there were too many drink names with the word "green" in them or insects and animal that were green. With the color already green, I just needed to try a different approach. It didn't take long, the answer was right there in front of my face. [sigh!] Enough babbling. Please go out and buy a 6 pak of 7Up Upside Down and a 750 ml Sour Apple Pucker. Chill the soft drinks.

Pucker-Up! Recipe submitted by: Katala 
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