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Cluny Scotch

Home > Spirits > Whiskey > Blended Scotch

Cluny Scotch

Cluny Scotch
  • Company: Cluny Scotch
  • View All: Cluny Scotch Blended Scotch

  • Drink Review for Cluny Scotch

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      good scotch=great price, Aug 06, 2013
    Reviewer: gonzo1706

    My favorites are J Walker and Dewars. For the price Cluny is equal. Tastes great.

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      Scotch-n-water, Mar 28, 2012
    Reviewer: SCOTCH-N-WATER

    Although unavailable in Utah, worth the drive. This scotch has an excellent malt type brew and a reasonable price

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      Cluny not so scotch, Nov 20, 2011
    Reviewer: mtodd901

    I have tried many low end and high end scotch. I shutter just thinking about having a drink of Cluny. I often have scotch mixed with water but my acid test would be how it tastes straight up (warm). My impression is scotch flavored vodka, but they missed the mark.

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      I love it, Oct 03, 2010
    Reviewer: lynked

    I've tried many scotches over the years and for the money, find Cluny to be best bang for the buck. Unfortunately, for the past few months, it's been unavailable from the warehouse where I live. Wondering if there's a strike somewhere or what the problem is.

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      In Defense of Cluny, Mar 12, 2010
    Reviewer: oldsmuggler

    I have been drinking scotch for 40 years, so I hope my opinion has a bit of merit, comparatively. True, Cluny is not one of the high end scotches, but even some of those these days are tasting watered down and without a lot of the old punch, aroma and flavor. Cluny cost me $16.99 for the liter size at my favorite spirits store, and it is good enough to sip for my evening drink. It is faintly smoky with a heavy aftertaste. There are none of the smoky edges of a Cutty or J&B, which have come down some in my opinion. For a daily scotch, Cluny is fine. For company, get a bottle of single malt. McClellan's is nicer and pricier. For every day use, Old Smuggler, Cluny, Clan MacGregor and Inver House are all in roughly the same class, and all priced about the same. Take your pick. Cluny is as good as any in its class, plastic bottle or not.

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      Pretty good blended scotch, Sep 13, 2009
    Reviewer: bamaman

    Don't listen to the guy who's only been drinking for two weeks. I've had a lot of brands of blended scotch in my life, and, for the price, this stuff is pretty good. My acid test? Can I drink it on the rocks. The answer is Yes!

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      Old dog learns new trick, Jul 16, 2009
    Reviewer: clunydrinker

    I am a 62 y/o seasoned drinker. I have drank everything.I have favorites and not so favorites. One night at a party my wife ran out of wine and asked if I could get a drink from one of my friends. I asked AT and all he had was Scotch. Ugh, we both said. "Let me fix you a light one with water." He brought it back we both tasted it and said "DAMN, thats good."My wife and I now drink only Cluny and water. AT has turned several other non-scotch drinkers on to Cluny and several of our favorite spots now have Cluny as their #1 well brand. We like like it. BG and BG in FL.

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      The Plastic Bottle On The Bottom Shelf, Feb 05, 2008
    Reviewer: danb777

    I'm 45 and have been experiencing whiskey for...uh...about two weeks now. Ok, I'm no expert, but here goes...

    My first drink was Crown Royal ten-year-old Canadian, which I thought was pretty darn good. I've also had some Old Forester and Jim Beam Kentucky bourbons. Even had some Johnnie Walker Black Label twelve-year scotch. Yep, some pretty fine stuff--heavy, full, lingering and extremely worthwhile experiences. All these have been "on the rocks."

    Then I come across a good deal on some Cluny three-year-old scotch and decide to do some research. It claims to be "...one of America's top selling domestically bottled blended Scothes...." Other words to describe it were "great value," and "very smooth and rich in flavors."

    I should have known better when I found it on the bottom shelf in a plastic bottle. Sure the price was cheap, but I can hardly believe it's one of the top selling bla bla bla.... Anyways, I found it to be extremely shallow, with not much taste. Watery, even. Light in color and little smell. I kept waiting for something to happen but nothing ever did. So I made the mistake of pouring a another, somehow thinking a second drink might help redeem the first! The next morning I woke up with a headache and $25 less in my bank account. Poor fella.

    It wasn't a total loss. I consider it a learning experience and it makes me happy to know I can recognize a stripe from a spot. In this case I guess that wasn't very difficult!

    If you are about musing and sipping and seeking to appreciate the care, tradition and value of a good whiskey look somewhere else. But if you want a cheap buzz with a bonus hangover, just look for the cheap plastic bottle on the bottom shelf!


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