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Drink Review for Everclear 151 Grain Alcohol

   Everclear 151 Grain Alcohol
everclear is not vodka, Feb 25, 2013
Everclear 151 Grain Alcohol
first off, everclear is a spirit(a neutral grain spirit, meaning nothing added to make it into any other spirit like gin) it has almost no water(only about 5%) after the distilling and no sugar added.

vodka is a liquer, it has a lot of water added almost 40% water or more (almost half +/- depending on if its further made into lower proof vodka by being diluted vodka) and sugar added.

second, everclear is pure grain alcohol about 95% alchohol and has no sugar making it a spirit, vodka has almost half water by volume cause its been diluted and has sugar added to it making it a liquer.

third, everlcear is not sold as vodka, it does not say vodka on the bottle, it says pure grain alcohol

4th, pure grain alcohol is the boiled down product of either corn, wheat potateoes, rice rye, or whatever, it is the product that is used to make any of the many types of spirits or liquers such as rum, gin, whiskey, vodka etc etc,. it has not been DISTILLED into a different type of spirit or into a Liquer

5th, ever clear is one of many brands of pure grain alcohol, not a brand of vodka, other brands of pure grain alchohol are – golden grain, alcohol-95,
6th, these are all alchohol and distillation FACTS, NOT OPINIONS!!!!!!!!! YOU F***ING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

7TH, I even contacted LUXCO Co. customer service, the guys who make everclear and they will tell you the same thing
Reviewed by: kaerickson1
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